Kink Me, Merlin!

An Anonymous Merlin Kink Meme

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Kink Me, Merlin
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A Kink Meme for BBC's Merlin
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Kink Me, Merlin!
A Kink Meme for BBC's Merlin

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This community has been created to house a kink meme for the BBC Drama, Merlin. Any pairing, any prompt goes. Prompts should be left anonymously; they may be fulfilled either anonymously or openly. For more details see the rules post.

Any questions or suggestions should be directed to your mods, who choose to remain anonymous but can be contacted via this post, where all comments are screened. Do not PM the main mod account (merlinkinkmeme). We don't check that.

All memes can be found here. All prompts and fills are archived on our Pinboard account, which has tags to help you find what you need.

Please note that all fanworks presented within this meme are works of fiction.

Kink Me! Merlin is proud to affiliate with the following communities:

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came_a_lot, the Merlin porn community
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(If you are interested in affiliating, please note that we only affiliate with specifically kink-focused communities.)
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